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Mission Statement

Founded by a lone individual; Sharing Hearts Worldwide is a nonprofit organization sharing the love of Christ through its passion to help others who are not privileged to help themselves. The organization does so by providing clothing, cultural diverse food, nutrition education, needed supplies, and minor care of wounds.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to help people in the world eat and live better promoting happier and healthier lives through our passion to serve. Our Vision captures the essence of who we are. Everything we do flows from our vision. We don't just happen to minister to people in urban Atlanta and across the seas to poverty stricken Liberia. Our Vision is about meeting people's needs and making life more enjoyable. Our vision tells the world that we care and we share our hearts and our goods and our abilities to make their world a better place.

Value Statement

We value integrity, our leadership, our ability to garner collaborations, our accountability, our passion, our diversity, our quality. Guided by these values we provide superior rewards to a worldwide community as we inspire people in need and enhance their quality of life.


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