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"Ms. Sue I thank you so much for helping me give my kids toys this Christmas ." Miss Gazella Smith Stone Mountain Ga. December 2018

On this mission in December 2016, let me share with you a letter that I received from a mother and her children.

"Thanks for helping me and my children with the food box. God will repay you for what you do."

Vanetta Lawson, Lawrenceville Ga.

March 2016

"Aunty Sue I thank God for having people like you in this community to help us with food You have been a great help to my family."

Miss Ella Scott, Decatur Ga.

November 2015

"We are thankful to God for people like you who don't forget where they came from because you came way from America to see about your people.Some people go and don't think about us any more; but you came back to feed us, give us clothes and teach us. Me and my people say thank you. we pray that God will bless you as you go back."

Chief Masally Dunn Rivercess County Liberia

May 2015

"Thanks to your organization because it has helped to put food on my table for my children and me May God Bless you."

Miss Musu Johnson, Lawrenceville, GA.

April 2015

"As some people journey through life, they leave footprints wherever they go. Footprints of kindness, caring, love and compassion. even when they're gone, we can still see look back and clearly see the trail they left behind. Thank you for your footprints. May God continue to bless you."

Yaasmine Decatur, GA.

February 2015

"Thanksgiving was great with my family because of the food box you give us. May God bless you to continue doing what you are doing."

Margret Dixon Decatur, GA.

November 2014

"My people say thanks to your organization for coming to do this for us. We are suffering here for this big sickness they call Ebola; but your still come to help us. We ask God to bless you in Jesus name."

Chief Mathew Boma Hobacon, Liberia West Africa

November 2014

"This organization has made a difference in my children and I lives through your food program. We are Thankful to you."

Miss Marfena Brokins, Lawrenceville, GA.

August 2014

"Auntie Sue your program has bless me greatly. Thank you so much."

Sarah Stone Mountain , GA. USA

June 2014

"Ma let God bless you and this organization for coming here to help us. We thank you too much."

Mr. Andrew Solo Bong County, Liberia

May 2014

"This city is thankful to have this organization come here to give us something. We pray for God blessing on you."

Musa Fargen Bong County, Liberia

May 2014

"Thank you very much for the food. I have a hard time with that. God bless you."

Levoid Cade Stone Mountain , GA. USA

February 2014

"I am very thankful and grateful for you and everything you are doing in your program."

Martha Brown Decatur , GA. USA

February 2014

"Auntie Sue we really appreciate you and everything you do. You have been an immense blessing to my family. May Jehovah Jireh be a forever provider to you and yours in Jesus Christ's Mighty Name. "

Mona Stone Mountain , GA. USA

Janrary 2014

"Miss Sue I want to thank you for the toys and food basket you gave to my children and me. I work two jobs and have five children and with these hard times, it has been difficult for me to meet our basic needs. I thank you again so much for putting a smile on my children's faces this holiday season. May God richly return blessings to you and your organization. "

Miss Lewis Haggaby Lawrenceville , GA. USA

December 2013

"This organization has helped me a lot. My children and I are grateful. "

Miss Martha Blanton Loganville, GA. USA

November 2013

"My name is Josiah from Nimba Piont. I say thank you, and your organization for coming

to help us. now we feel that the world think about us too."

Mr Jatea Boe Nimba Point Cape Mount County Liberia, West Africa

October 2013

"Miss Sue, your baskets of food came in time for my children I am struggling to make it but God has send you to be a blessing to us. Keep up the good work."

Mr Roland Whitfield Decatur, GA. USA

July 2013

"I am blessed to have people like you in the community. This organization has been a blessing to my family. thank you."

Mrs Beatrice Monroe Lawrenceville, GA. USA

June 2013

"Our village has been blessed today that your organization has come to share things with us. We have alot of cripple people people that can't even walk and they too have tasted a part of this blessing. We the people of Behsao come to say thank you."

Mrs Meatta Farmula Town Chief Behsao Town, Liberia West Africa

May 2013

"Ma you have done good for us today. thank you for the clothes and food. we really needed the help. I ask that God will bless you to come back again to help us."

Mr. Jesse Totmogee Behsao Town, Liberia West Africa

May 2013

"I am greatful to have people in the community like you. Your program has provided groceries for my children and I. I pray that you will continue to grow. Keep up the good work"

Sarah Mucalla, Atlanta GA.

April 2013

"Mama Sue I am writing to thank you for the the eggs, chicken, trench toast and juices you gave my family. today was a bad day for me; but you have put a smile on my face. I pray that you be blessed abundantly."

Augusta Williams, Atlanta GA.

March 2013

"Mrs Kilby your organization has blessed my family with your food program and I want to thank you."

Mrs Seanna Reeves, Atlanta GA.

March 2013

"Ma Sue I thank God for you. to let you come here to help us in Waka Town. I pray that God will give you plenty more from where this come from."

Justin Junius, Waka's Town Liberia, West Africa

January 2013

"I thank you for coming to Hoegbah Town in the Waka Town area. Through the organization SHWI, you have blessed us with Clothes, Toys, School Supplies,and good food. You even taught us about first aid and give us medicine to use when we get hurt.On behalf of the Cecelia Bryant School here I want to thank you and we hope that when you go back you will not forget about using the future."

Pastor Ronka, Hoegbah Town Liberia, West Africa

January 2013

"Mrs Kilby thank you for coming to our area to help us with food and cloth. I want to also say thanks for my son football. I ask God to bless you for us."

Elizabeth Mockor Waka's town Liberia, West Africa

January 2013

"My family would like to thank Sharing Hearts for the toys that was given to my children. With me loosing my job, I don't know what I would have done at this time of year if you had not stepped in. I am so great ful to you."


Miss Mercy Reems, Atlanta GA.

December 2012

"Thanks for all the good work that you do for the people of Liberia! Only God will pay you."

Gideon Dean, USA

July 2012

"Sue thanks for your food bank program. It has blessed me a lot. I am on a fixed income and your program have helped me with my needed food supplies. I pray that God will continue to bless you."

Salene Davis, USA

July 2012

"Oma I thank you oh God, you come here you help us. Me my mama die my papa dae for guinne. You come here you gave me cloth and food for eat. You be my mama. Thank you."

John Flomo, Liberia West Africa

May 2012

"I thank God for you so much for the kind, humble spirit He has given you and the motherly heart you have to treat me as a son while you were here on your mission trip in Liberia. In our church the year 2012 is our year of "Operating a new chapter". I believe strongly that God is opening a new chapter for you! We love you so much and may God richly bless you!"

Pastor Prince Teakpah, Liberia West Africa

December 2011

“I live alone and on a fixed income, in addition I am on disability. I do not drive nor have a car. Both of my parents are deceased. I am a graduate of Howard University. I truly appreciate Sue's acts of kindness. I have not had the pleasure of meeting her but she qualified me for the food basket. This basket provides me with my monthly needs, for which I am sincerely grateful. Thank you so much for your unselfish acts of kindness. They are deeply appreciated and they mean so much to me."

Beryl Fountain, USA

November 2011

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