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To Our Sponsors

On behalf of Sharing Hearts Worldwide INC., I would like to sincerely extend a heart-felt thank you for your generous sponsorship. It was the vision of our heavenly father and the planning of our earthly board of directors, and tireless work from our volunteer staff that made touching the lives of the underprivileged possible through the years. Your generous contributions helped make the vision possible.

As we continue to grow, please know that partnership with our sponsors are vital to making life a little better for the less-fortunate. You are truly appreciated.

To those who have not yet becomes sponsors, we welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and we promise that with God's help, we will continue to touch the hearts of those that are in need.


Sue Kilby



3725 Hwy 78W Suite A-1

Snellville, GA 30039

Our Sponsors:

Paula Lucy Adams

Jordan Aladdin

Precious Abraham

Isaac Abraham

Patience Adams


Leana Brown

Samason Bleek

Latasha Beedles

Esther Carr

Danny Carey

Lesley Campbell

Mrs. Thelma Cato

Melissa Chandler

My Sister's Closet

Debra Crawford

Grace Dillon

Rosa Dillon

Roymah Dennis

Wilhelmina David

Love Dean

Johnmae Findley

Mackie Flowers

Choco Harmon

Oswald Harmon

Joetta Howard

Mudry Henri

Vivian Hood

Thelma Janruary

Dahn Junius

Mrs. Juanita Jackson

Michel Johnston

Samuel Kilby


Emmamuel Lawson

Matther Lockings

Deanne Mcduffie

Jeffery Martin

Hector Molina

Rosetta Nash

Mamooni J. Reeves

Therenna Reeves

Nester Reeves

Melisha Robinson

Billie Sanders

Jaki Samders

Margret Simmons

Isabel Shelton

Angel Nail Salon

Isaac Thompson

Toys for Tots

Another girl's Treasure

Frances White

Woodmen of the World

Precious Wilson

Diana Jones Wilson


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